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Post by KarjhE - AT Games on Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:26 am

The third game in the Jumper game series!

Move and jump through and over obstacles to get to the finish. Collect coins along the way to purchase skins from the shop.

Known Bugs:
- The player can clip through walls when going in a certain angle or at a certain speed.
- Coins can be picked up again when redoing the level

-Fixed all skin related bugs.

- Shop System
- 4 Different skins
- 4 Levels
- Lives system


Current Version (1.0.1): mediafire.com ?qt9bmwpi9wt8x66

Older Versions:
1.0.0 Download Link: mediafire.com ?qdqjks7ygm0jq7g

Feedback is much appreciated! Very Happy

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