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Jumper World - AT Games

Post by KarjhE - AT Games on Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:39 pm

The fourth installment of the Jumper - Game Series. This installment of the Jumper - Series introduces a new linear story and combat!

- A linear story
- Combat
- 9 Levels

About the Story:
An unknown alien species has opened a portal to your world and has nearly eliminated all of your species and it's now up to you to stop them and eliminate their leader.

Movement = W, A, S and D
Jump = Space
Attack = Left Click
Poison = Left Shift
Shoot Poison = G
Aim = Right Click
Open Pause Menu = Escape


Version 1.0.0.b: mediafire.com file/ae1r8ieldm0vhle/Jumper%20World%20%281.0.0.b%29.rar

We are open for feedback! Very Happy
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