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Post by KarjhE - AT Games on Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:25 pm

Jumper is the first game by AT Games.

Jumper is a platformer game where you have to avoid obstacles and get to the finish.

How to play:
Move Left and Right using A and D
Jump/Glide with W

Current Version 2.0.1
Download Link: mediafire.com ?lgrgodz3twied50

Version 2.0.1 Changelog:

-Major bug fixes
-Minor bug fixes

Older Versions:
Version 2.0 download link: mediafire.com file/87fkap5a5ya31p8/Jumper_Version_2.rar
Version 1.5 download link: mediafire.com ?vleepehge1598x5
Version 1.4 download link: mediafire.com file/4isrsd7x2t56hwb/Jumper+Version+1.4.rar
Version 1.3 download link: mediafire.com file/nau2hhikseix4u5/Jumper_Version_1.3.rar

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